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About Us

Celebrating True, Southern Style

A Beautiful Sight was established in 2021 by close friends who value the timeless look of southern, smocked clothing,  A N D  want to provide a way for every child to be able to wear these gorgeous outfits. Each piece we sell is viewed as an heirloom that we hope you will keep and pass down for generations to come. 

Our inspiration comes from our own little Southern Belle & Gents! Sweet Madelynn May was diagnosed—at only two months old—with a rare, genetic condition that is the cause of her blindness. Although the journey has been difficult, we are learning and understanding   
s o  m u c h  m o r e  about her diagnosis and the blind community. So much progress has been made, and will continue to be made as we keep learning! 

We are forever grateful for what Madelynn has taught us  a n d  continues teaching us about life. Because of our experience thus far, we hope to create a shopping process that is more inclusive for visually impaired children and parents.

We carefully select each item displayed in our children's boutique and are always thinking of beautiful, new designs to be added to our collections. 

O u r   o v e r a l l   g o a l  is to take steps toward developing an easier shopping process for all—specifically those in the blind community.

Join us in celebrating our love of all children & of true, southern style!

About Us: About Us
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