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From Grief to Joy

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Where do you start when you’re told your child is blind?

So, you just found out, or suspect, that your child is visually impaired. If you’re anything like us, the news that your child is blind is absolutely heartbreaking, shocking, scary, and overwhelming.

Now that the first year, which I’d consider the hardest year of our lives thus far, is behind us, I've thought of the top 10 things we've learned & wish we would’ve known from the very beginning.

Mom clasping her hands and bringing them to her heart, showcasing the strong and overwhelming feeling she is experiencing. Words say, "Trust your gut." There are three hearts illustrated as well to show everything she does is out of intense love for her child.

1. TRUST YOUR GUT. Our doctor suggested that we wait until Madelynn was 6 months old to see a spec