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Our Little Miracle

National Infertility Awareness Week was April 18–24, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a little bit about our fertility journey, which led us to Madelynn. Please remember that I’m not a doctor or fertility expert, I’m simply sharing our experiences & my opinions in hopes that if anyone that reads this is struggling with infertility, they feel comforted and they know they are not alone.

P.S. This story takes a deep dive into fertility procedures so if it’s TMI for you, I understand! It's a lot for me to share!

Shortly after getting married, Spencer and I started Natural Family Planning (NFP). We're Catholic & I had a hunch that it would take a long time for my body to adjust to being off birth control after being on it from an early age due to irregular periods, so it seemed like the best way to prevent pregnancy until we were ready for kids. I didn’t know it at the time, but as I’d later find out, I had PCOS to thank for those irregular periods. Through NFP, I learned what biological markers to look for to know when I'm fertile and quickly realized that there were no signs of fertility. The most important sign I was told to look for was cervical mucus. I never saw a hint of this, even after months of tracking, which told me that my body doesn’t ovulate at all.

After a very strange cycle one month, I asked my OB if I should be concerned. He brushed it off because we weren’t trying for kids yet and guessed that it was probably a bad ovulation cycle. Seems weird since I don’t ovulate—right? With some encouragement from my mom to seek a better explanation, I referred myself to Fertility Answers in Baton Rouge, even though we weren't trying for kids yet. I just knew that something was off and wanted to be proactive about fertility so that whenever we decided we were ready to try for kids, we could get pregnant as quickly as possible—God willingly.