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Why We Are

Why the Caterpillar? What does that have to do with a children’s boutique?

My first steps in this design process included researching and brainstorming what elements would best communicate our company’s platform. From there I hit the drawing board. Desiring a more playful take on a clothing store logo that reflects awareness for the visually impaired, I knew our logo had to be unique in a multitude of ways.

A logo doesn't have to be literal. I feel it’s more compelling, conceptual, and fun when a company called “Squirrel” does not have a squirrel in their logo. In this respect even though our company is named "A Beautiful Sight Children’s Boutique," it doesn't have to have eyes within the logo to create a tie back to our platform or a child within the logo to show we are selling children’s clothing. I knew a symbol or icon within the design of the logo would be a nice way to give it more personality, and open the door for a more child-friendly aesthetic.

I researched animals/insects/etc that were blind, and the one that resonated with me the most was the caterpillar. Caterpillars have very simple eyes and can barely see at all. Their eyes cannot form an image, but only see the contrast of light and dark. I mean, how amazing?!? A staple from our childhood that is one of the biggest teachers of how something small, worm-like, and an essentially simple creature can turn into something so beautiful—despite all of the obstacles it must overcome to evolve into a butterfly.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the perfect children’s book—both visually and conceptually—not just for children everywhere to enjoy, but to represent Madelynn and children like her! This book gives young ones a better understanding of what growth is, the importance of accepting those that are different from us, that sometimes it takes time for the world to see our beauty—even though that beauty is always within us,—and the remarkable metamorphosis that is possible. Plus they are adorable! After all of my research, I just knew caterpillars couldn't be a MORE PERFECT fit for our brand. Additionally, their shapes are all circular in their simplest form…just like Braille.

This logo embodies a child’s spirit, but also represents Madelynn and her family’s story to its core! More than that, it shines a light to help guide those who haven’t yet been blessed with the understanding of how beautiful blindness is.

Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

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